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Care of your polycarbonate plastic glasses

As a leading supplier of polycarbonate plastic glasses and tableware, we take pride in the superb quality of our range. The clarity of the plastic glass really is amazing – it is so close to glass that you really will have difficulty telling them apart!

We know that you will wish to retain the look of your polycarbonate plastic glasses for a long time to come, so we have provided some tips on how to keep your glasses looking sparkling and clear.

Polycarbonate plastic glasses should be cleaned with a normal dish cloth or soft washing up cloth

Do not use any sort of scouring pad or abrasive material

Normal washing up liquid is suitable for washing polycarbonate glasses.

Hard Water Areas

If you are live in a hard water area, you may find limescale and other mineral deposits clouding your glasses. This is not a deterioration of the polycarbonate material and it can be removed by soaking your plastic glasses in a bowl of water with a small drop of household bleach. This will help to return your plastic glasses to their sparkling best. Remember to wash your plastic glasses thoroughly after soaking to ensure that all traces of bleach are removed before use.

Dishwasher Use

Whether you are using a domestic or commercial dishwasher, your polycarbonate plastic glasses will last for many hundreds of washes as long as the dishwasher is being used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.